Gloss Kitchens

Visually stunning, the clean and sleek finish of a high gloss kitchen lends itself to ultimate sophistication.  If you are looking for a kitchen that excludes a clean simplistic look we have a variety of modern kitchens featuring seamless linear designs to achieve a chic living space.

The signature smooth style and reflective surface of a high gloss kitchen can look great in a variety of colour finishes, from crisp white, to warmer tones of cream, on trend blacks and greys to vibrant reds. You can even combine colours to create a sense of space. High gloss doors are easy to care for and extremely durable and designed to withstand family life.

The reflective services of fitted gloss kitchens are a great option for all room sizes. They can transform a dull kitchen on the smaller side into a vibrant light space.

 For those with a larger area, an ultra-modern, personalised stylish kitchen can be created around your individual lifestyle.

Handleless Kitchens

Our fitted gloss kitchens come with the option of handles or as handleless. This choice is more important than you probably expect as it can totally transform the finished look of your gloss kitchen.

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